Escape Velocity For Your STEM Projects!

Let's face it, education projects are intimidating

Pandaia is here to assist you with projects related to education and training. Whether you are writing curriculum, building a training program, inventing the next great educational tool, or seeking funding for your great idea; we can help. At Pandaia, our passion is tools that are focused, effective, and tailored to learners ranging from grade school students to adult learners. Our expertise ranges across a broad array of disciplines with a special focus on STEM topics and training.

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Don't let complexity drown your project's potential

Most education and training projects are filled with challenges. At Pandaia, we call these 'figure-it-out' problems. You're not trying to build a widget from a cookbook, you're at point A, you need to get to point B, and you don't have a road map. Pandaia Projects can help get your great idea off the ground and achieve escape velocity.

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